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Team Building


In the same way as ,'Wearing the same shirts doesn't make a team,'(Buchholz & Roth) groups of people who have worked in the same department for years may not be working inter-dependently to realise their full potential. The strength of a company lies in the strengths of individuals working inter-dependently as members of a team.

Give your team the chance to escape the office for a day and learn more about themselves and each other.

Using a series of fun, low key activities your staff will identify their own communication styles, as well as learn to work with team members who express themselves differently.

In order to work better as a cohesive unit, team members need to have joint vision and common goals. With the development of an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of every member, individual roles can be identified and balanced. When people and jobs are correctly matched, productivity as well as personal satisfaction are increased.

Regular meetings are vital to maximise two-way communication, to give and receive instructions and to review what has been done through honest and constructive feedback. When team members learn to work together as an interconnected and dynamic unit, their combined skills and creativity can be harnessed to achieve more than the individual.


1 day

Unit Standard

9322 - Work in a team.Level 2, credits 3


Aimed at all staff in a business environment