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Office Etiquette


Our success is not determined  so much by what we DO in business as much as HOW we do it.

It is a decided advantage to begin a job knowing how to conduct yourself professionally.

We bridge the gap between studying and working, assist office workers to cultivate a professional manner and help them to take responsibility for their own development by -

  • Learning the social etiquette required when meeting and working with people in an office environment
  • Enjoy learning how to read and 'speak' body langauge, in a variety of situations
  • Become skilled in communicating face-to-face, over the telephone and via e-mail
  • Keeping your cool when everyone around you is losing theirs, by choosing to respond assertively in conflict situations

This course contains your total tool kit for working in an office environment.

Unit Standard

14359 - Behave in a professional manner in a business environment.


2 days


Be competent in communication and mathematical literacy NQF Level 1