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Management Development


The most successful organisations have excellent leaders. These leaders should be constantly aware of developing not only their own skills, but the skills of those around them and under their control.

This dynamic three day management training is comprised of three modules -

Emotional Leadership - 'Leading by example'

Knowing ourselves (as well as those whom we lead) is the building block for the development of effective managers.

  • Your power to influence and lead others is increased by developing your Emotional Quotient (EQ)
  • Identify and take ownership of your feelings and attitudes
  • Practice Emotional leadership through pro-active behaviour
Leadership management - 'Leader , manager or both?'

Being in a management position is no guarantee that your instructions will be carried out.

Learn to match people and tasks in a way that ensures that jobs are completed effectively and staff are satisfied doing them by -

  • Exploring the different, but equally valuable skills, of leading and managing a team
  • Getting the B.E.S.T. out of your team through effective goal setting, praise, constructive feedback and the delegation of responsibility
  • Managing conflict and resolving problems  in the workplace through flexibiity, adaptablility and assertiveness
Effective communication - 'Communication is a two-way process'

Says things right the first time to ensure that the message is understood and jobs are carried efficiently by -

  • Using language which is short, simple, specific and concrete
  • Learning to read and speak body language
  • Practicing active listening and mirroring techniques
  • Putting yourself into the other person's shoes through the practice of empathy


3 days

Unit standard

14667 - Describe and apply the manmagement functions of an organisation. Level 4, credits 10


To be in a management or trainee management position