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Ease into EQ


Your EQ is just as likely to affect your success at work as your IQ, regardless of your job or position. South African businesses are beginning to appreciate the value of balancing these two types of intelligence when interviewing potential candidates for positions ,promotions or performance appraisals.


Our two day fundamental course will help you to use your emotions intelligently at work. You can increase your personal and social competence by becoming more aware of, and taking accountability for, your attitudes and actions by :

  • Anticipating, understanding and controlling yoiur reactions
  • Improving your impulse control
  • Choosing your words more carefully
  • Becoming appropriately assertive
  • Retaining poise under pressure
  • Keeping communication channels open, even with people you don't like
  • Developing your problem solving skills
  • Managing your stress levels


2 days

Unit Standard

15094 - Demonstrate insight into the application of theories of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in personal development. Level 5 , credits 5


Relevant to all staff