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Windows Basics


This is where your computer training starts as it lays a solid foundation on which to build your computer knowledge. The confidence it imparts to new users is invaluable.

Stop your mouse being a rat! Windows is an integral part of learning any other application, as it gives a good understanding of hardware like the mouse, the keyboard and screen. Terminology is explained, trainees learn how to move around and how to access things.

You will also learn how to alter settings on the computer, such as desktop colours, background pictures, screen savers etc. All the additional features that come with Windows are also investigated, like Paint, Word Pad and the calculator. Windows Explorer is a very powerful tool for organising and managing your files. At the end of the course, you will feel comfortable enough to go and play with the applications.


1 day

Unit Standard

116932 - Operate a personal computer system. Level 1, Credits 3.